Spa Circulator Pumps

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Spa Circulator Pumps

Four models available

Specifications & Technical Features:

Model Watts Flow Rate Head Protection Hz Unions
Watkins Silentflo 39w 37 LPM 3.3m IP44 50/60 N/A
Laing Thermotech E10 60w 41 LPM 5.4m IP55 50/60 N/A
Laing Thermotech E14 115w 136 LPM 5.2m IP55 50/60 Included
Flo-Master  745w 190 LPM IP55 50/60 Included

* 230Volts 


*40% more efficient than standard induction motors
*Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
*Shaftless, Sealless, and Leak Proof
*Dry Run Protection
*Open Impeller - Resistant to Clogging
*Compact Design 


*Electronics Cooling
*Chiller Systems
*Water Circulation
*Liquid Transfer
*Ozone Treatment
*General Purpose Pumping

One Year Warranty 

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