Spa Heaters R2 Series

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Spa Heaters R2 Series

The R Series Spa Heaters are ideal for spa baths, spa pools and small swimming pools. Designed to be connected on the outlet of your spa pump. When the spa pump starts, this heater will then activate. The heater runs on a pressure sensor. Two models available. R2 Heaters are non adjustable & are designed to run in conjunction with a touch pad or control unit to adjust heating. 

H20-R2: Operating temperature 45 ° C, Reset temperature 37 ° C
H30-R2: Operating temperature 50 ° C, Reset temperature 40 ° C


Model  Power Inlet/Outlet Spa Litres Spa Size Amps
2.0kW 40mm 750  Double Spa Bath 8.7
H30-R2 3.0kW 40mm 1280 Spa Pool 13

*Voltage: 230
*Frequency: 50/60HZ
*Inlet/Outlet: 40mm (R2 series) 


*Pressure sensor 
*Casing: SUS304 stainless steel
*Overheating cutout and pressure
*Temperature Range:5~+50℃
*Max working pressure:4.3 PSI
*1.5m cable without plug
*Connection fittings are supplied to suit 40mm ID Pressure pipework or 48mm OD

*Heating element: UL approved metal pipe, electric-heating element, Incoloy800 against high temperature and against causticity dedicated stainless steel pipe. 

*Temperature controlling element: Double sheet metal thermostat, adjustable temperature with 45C or 50C automatic reset. 


*Spa Pools
*Spa Baths
*Small pools 


Model Length Width
H20-R2 370mm 170mm 155mm
H30-R2 370mm 170mm 155mm



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