Davies SSX Series Submersible Range

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Davies SSX Series Submersible Range

The Davies Pumps SSX series submersible pumps are a durable stainless, compact high performing drainage pump for construction sites, swimming pool and small storm water cesspit drainage and many other applications. Available without float switch or with cable type or vertical canister type float switch. The impeller is open faced to allow up to 10mm solids and the pump can also have a low suction screen which allows the pump to suck down to 5mm. The top discharge design reduces space usage for tight installs and cools the motor even while running partially submerged.

Removable low suction skirt to allow draining down to 5mm.


* 230v
* Power: 0.25kW, 0.33 HP
* Flow Rate: 160 LPM
* Head: 9m 
* Single Phase 
* Amps: 2
* Outlet: 32mm
* 50 Hz
* Nominal Speed: 2850 RPM

Model  Float Type
240-SSX300  No Float Switch
240-SSX300A  Mechanical activated float switch with cable extender
240-SSX300AC  Vertical mechanical activated float switch with casement


* Strong and durable 304 stainless steel construction
* Mechanical seal and Lip seal in oil bath
* Top discharge 32mm (1 ¼”)
* Float switch options for automatic operation (Canister or Cable)
* 10m power lead
* Maximum liquid temperature: +50°c
* Built in thermal overload
* Max depth: 5m
* IP68
* Thermal Protection
* Insulation Class F


* Drainage
* Grey Water
* Light Waste Water
* Fish Pond
* Construction
* Storm Water
* Sumps
* Draining swimming pools


2 Year Warranty 

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