TREVOLI - SV-1500A Cast Iron Vortex Submersible Dirty water / Sewage Pump 1500w

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TREVOLI SV1500A - Cast Iron Submersible Dirty Water / Sewage Pump

SV-1500A, SV-1500A-3

Suitable for use as an Effluent Pump, Dirty Water Pump, Drainage Pump, Septic and Aerated sewage treatment Pump, Grey Water Pump and Irrigation Pump


* Power: 1500 Watt (2 HP)
* Flow rate: 760 L/min
* Max delivery height: 16 metres
* Max immersion depth: 8 metres
* Weight: 31 kg
* Outlet size: 80mm
* Dimensions
- Length: 330mm
- Height: 540mm
- Length with float switch: 520mm

Head (metres) Flow (LPM)

1.5m- 750 LPM
3.0m- 715 LPM 
4.5m- 630 LPM
6.0m- 470 LPM
7.5m- 275 LPM


* Easy to use
* Non clogging Vortex impellor design
* Rated for continuous use
* Can process long fibres and solids up to 40mm
* Has a float switch for run-dry protection
* Motor has built in auto-reset thermal overload protection
* Double mechanical seals with oil chamber and lip seal for added protection
* 10 Metre R05RNF neoprene chemical and oil resistant electrical cable with 3 pin plug
* Comes with 80mm outlet hose fitting (removable)
* Solid Cast Iron pump body and impeller for durability 


1. The maximum depth it is allowed in water is 8m from its centre of impeller
2. Liquid to be pumped should have a PH: 6-8
Common Applications: Effluent pump, Drainage pump, Dirty water pump.

SV Series Brochure

2 Year Warranty

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