Tesla - Guardian Micra

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Tesla - Guardian Micra

Guardian Micra
Guardian Evolution Series
Panel with microprocessor for protection and control of motor/single-phase/three-phase pump with direct start up.

The main feature of this new Guardian Evolution series, completely revised, is the protection of the
motor/pump against dry running without level probes;
Casing made of shock-proof and selfextinguishing thermoplastic material with two antipull plugs. Main switch.
Power supply: Single phase 230 V +/- 5% -Three phase 400 V +/-5%.
Digital display with status indications.

Protection degree
IP54. Starting Capacitor for single phase version.
Optoisolated auxiliary contact for control by probes,
pressure switch and float switch.
Functional features:
ON-OFF switch. Overload protection. Phase failure
protection (three-phase version). Overvoltage protection.
Short circuit protection. Protection against dry running.


Guardian1E 0.5 H/P -3 H/P - 400V

Guardian2E 4 H/P - 10 H/P - 400V

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