Trevoli 1200L Sewage Pump Station Kit

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Trevoli 1200L Sewage Pump Station Kit


The Trevoli sewage pump station kit is a great solution when needing to transport sewage up and away from its current location. This sewage kit offers an "all-in-one" sewage tank solution with benefits such as: 

*An audible alarm that alerts if the sewage tank is close to capacity
*A pump that activates at an adjustable height with the use a of a float switch
*A prefabricated, Polyethylene tank made from top quality material for rust free, discreet underground secure storage of waste


*Size: 1200L
*Dimensions: 1670mm (h) x 1155mm (w) (spherical design)
*Weight: 58KG
*Made of Polyethylene
*Certified to product standard AS/NZS 1546.1:2008


The Trevoli 1200L sewage pump station can come with the following options:

*Trevoli 1200L sewage tank
*Trevoli Pedestrian tank lid OR Trevoil Vehicle tank lid 
*Bianco I ALARM monitoring system
*Choice of 1 of the following Trevoli pumps: 

*Trevoli GDH-20 (grinder pump)
*Trevoli BCV-750A (vortex pump)

Additional (Please see selection menu):

1200L Sewage Pump Station Fitting Kit (SPS-1200-FitKit)

This kit includes all the appropriate PVC pipe length, discharge manifold, check valve, elbows and fittings for the 1200L Sewage Pump Station.

Please contact us for freight options


*Whole house sewage application
*Used in situations where waste collection is beneath council pipelines

NOTE: Sanitary products and wipes should not be used with these pump stations. Use of such products could void warranty.

NOTE: Please get in touch with us if you have unique pumping requirements, we are happy to specify alternative pumps and accessories.

Resource Material:

1200L Tank CAD Drawing

Tank Certification

Pedestrian Lid CAD Drawing

Vehicle Lid CAD Drawing

Tank Installation Manual

Tank Water Volume Measurements

Bianco NXT Alarm Manual

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