TREVOLI - BJZ037- Small Pressure Pump for Gardening / Irrigation + Garden Hose Kit

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TREVOLI BJZ037-Pressure Pump for Gardening/Irrigation + Garden Hose Kit

The Trevoli Pump & Garden hose kit are ideal for gardening, washing the car or boat, water blasting and all those small jobs that need to be done around the home or farm. Perfect for small to large water tanks. Comes with suction hose and connection fitting to the pump, pump and controller and garden hose and fittings. Pump covers are also available in 3 colours to keep the pump protected from the elements. 

Fitted with an electronic automatic constant pressure control system (provides constant pressure at constant flow). Starts automatically when the tap is turned on and stops automatically when the last tap is turned off, Operating constantly from low flow to full flow. 

Pump Kit Includes: 

* 1x Trevoli BJZ037E Pump
* Trevoli DSK Automatic controller
* 2m Black 25mm Suction Hose- UV Stabilized 
* 1x Hansen male straight coupling 25mm
* 1x Hansen elbow 25mm
* 1x 20m roll of garden hose with hose connections


* Power -370W - 0.5 Horsepower
* Single phase with standard NZ 3 pin plug
* Max Flow rate: 50 Liters per minute
* Max Pressure: 52 psi
* Max suction lift: 8 metres
* Amps 2.2
* Max discharge head: 35 metres
* Weight: 8 Kg
* Inlet/Outlet sizes: 1 inch BSP (same as 25mm)
* Built in thermal overload protection
* P55 Protection
* Rated for Continuous duty
* Liquid temperature range: 5 - 60 deg C
* Max operating pressure: 6 bar
* Dimensions: Length-360mm, Width-190mm, Height-350mm


* Self Priming
* Starts automatically when the tap is turned on (and pressure drops to 1.5 bar)
* Operates constantly from low flow to full flow
* Stops automatically when the last tap is turned off
* Run Dry Protection
* Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
* Stainless steel pump housing
* Stainless steel motor shaft
* Stainless steel impeller
* Built in thermal overload protection

Supports 3 taps running at once (Based on 10 Litres per minute)

2 Year Warranty

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