TREVOLI - MG1100A Cast Iron Submersible Cutter/Macerator Sewage Pump 1100w

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TREVOLI - MG1100A Cast Iron Submersible Cutter/Macerator Sewage Pump 1100w


The MG1100 (CS) range of submersible cutter pumps are designed for pumping sewage and soiled waste waters. Fitted with a double edge tungsten cutter and high abrasive-resistance impeller they are ideal for pumping waste water with stringy or long soft solids in suspension. Other Applications include De-watering, Effluent, Septic disposal & domestic sewage treatment.


*Max Head 15m
*Max Flow 620 lpm
*Motor 1.1kW
*50mm Outlet 


*Max Immersion Depth- 8m
*Double edge Tungsten cutter
*High abrasive-resistance impeller
*Heat treated bottom grind plate for cutting sewage
*Double mechanical seals with oil chamber and lip seal for added protection.
*Non clogging Cutter/Macerator impeller design
*Solid Cast Iron pump body and impeller for durability
*Can process long fibers and solids up to 15mm

Technical Features:

*Special high flow design can achieve the maximum efficiency in sewage and mud
*Cast iron vane wheel with with tungsten alloy cutting knife
*A type wheel is easy to cut up the impurity like branches, paper, etc. and outflow it with sewage
*Italian manufactured double-faced mechanical seal and oil seal to make waterproof protection
*SUS-304 stainless steel for motor housing, motor shaft and screws
*Dimensions: Height 47cm Length 28cm width 22cm
*10m Cable with 3 Pin plug. 

Motor Features: 

*Single phase
*Closed externally ventilated
*Insulation class: B
*Protection class: IP68
*Duty: continuously rated
*Motor Thermally Protected
*Liquid temperature: 0-60°C


CS Cutter Brochure 


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