TREVOLI - CMB5-67T (Three Phase) - Stainless Steel Multistage Water Pump

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TREVOLI - CMB5-67T - Stainless Steel Multistage


The Trevoli CMB5-67T is a three phase, stainless steel multistage pump ideal for applications that use multiple taps & require high head pressure. Suitable for applications where only 3 Phase power is fitted. These pumps are ideal for high head water transfer, irrigation, light industrial and commercial applications.  

Recommendation:  A pressure tank extends pump life, stores energy, reduces noise, reduces pump starts and protects against heat expansion, see drop-down menu.
A free three-way tee is provided with any pump and pressure tank combination.


* Power -1500W - 2 Horsepower
* 1.5 Metre suction
* Max Flow rate: 100 litres per minute
* 2900 rpm
* Max Pressure 95 psi 
* Max discharge head: 67 metres 
* Inlet size: 1¼inch BSP (same as 32mm)
* Outlet size: 1 inch BSP (same as 25mm) 
* Three phase 
* Built in thermal overload protection 
* Insulation class F 
* IP55 Protection 
* Rated for Continuous duty 
* Liquid temperature range: 0-70 deg C 
* Max operating pressure: 10 bar 
* Number of Impellers: 6
* Length: 446mm 
* Height: 209mm 
* Width: 178mm

Common Applications: 

* Farm irrigation
* General water transfer systems
* Light industrial/commercial applications 
* Applications with 3 phase power only


* Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
* Stainless steel pump housing
* Stainless steel motor shaft
* Stainless steel impeller and intermediate chambers
* Built in thermal overload protection
* Very quiet operation


This is a high pressure Pump - up to 95PSI, supports up to 9 taps operating at one time. (Based on 10 L/m).

2 Year back to base warranty

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