TREVOLI General Purpose Pump Controller

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TREVOLI General Purpose Pump Controller.

L931, L932

This pump controller can control one or two single or three phase pumps and has three different modes which can be changed easily by a switch setting. Each mode allows the controller to be used for different functions.

Mode 1: Used to supply water to a tank using float switches (not supplied) or liquid level sensors (supplied).
Mode 2: Used for pressure boosting using a pressure switch (not supplied) and pressure tank (not supplied).
Mode 3: Used to empty a tank or sump using float switches (not supplied) or liquid level sensors (supplied).

Comes with a remote monitor which allows monitoring and controlling the pump from up to 1200m distance from the controller.

Technical Specifications

Rated output power: 0.37-2.2kW (single phase) 0.75-11kW (three phase)
Working temperature: -25℃ -to +55℃
Working humidity: 20% - 90%
Degree of protection: IP54
Install position: Vertical
Unit dimensions: (L x W x H) 30.2cm x 24cm x 12cm
Unit weight: 2.5kg


Typical usage scenarios include:

Water supply from wells
Irrigation of greenhouses, gardens, agriculture
Rain water reuse
Industrial plants
Waste water tank

Main features:

Built In function switch allows the controller to be used for filling tanks, emptying tanks, and pressure boosting.
Automatically stops the pump in the case of water shortage, protecting it from dry running without installing float switch or liquid probe in the well.
Dynamic LCD displaying pump running state
Push Button Calibration
Displays Pump Accumulative Running Time
Displays Pump Last Five Fault Record
RS485 Communication
Starts and stops the pump in accordance with the different liquid levels or pressure settings
Protects the pump against many faults including:
-Over load
-Transient surge
-Under voltage
-Over voltage
-Pump stalled
-Short circuit


Model Phase  Number of pumps
Suits Pump Type
Rated Output Switch  type
Submersible Booster kW Level Sensor Float Switch Pressure Switch
L931 3 1 .75 - 11
L932 3 2 .75 - 11


L922 User Manual
L931 User Manual
L932 User Manual


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