Flood Kit with Trevoli Home 11AF Pump

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Flood Kit with Trevoli Home 11AF Pump

Now it’s time to protect your property! 

The Trevoli Flood Kit will help you protect your property from flooding, with a quick and efficient system, designed to reduce rising water. The Trevoli Home 11AF pump is designed to be permanently installed with a double mechanical seal and solid build. The pump can be left in the sump and will cut in at 150mm of water and cut out at 70mm. With an internal float connected to the side of the pump, it can fit in smaller spaces with a max width of 215mm and height of 295mm. Included is a 10m length of light weight, flexible hose (not UV Stabilized), a brass swing check valve to stop water flowing back into the pump and a quick connect fitting to remove hose from pump. 

Kit Options 

* Trevoli Home 11AF
* 10m roll of PVC Clear Wired Suction Hose
* Quick Connect Hose Fitting & Hose Clamp 
* Swing Check Valve 32mm
* Two handle plastic container

Pump Specifications: 

*230v. Single Phase
*Max Head: 9m
*Max Flow: 130 lpm
*Motor: 120w
*1 x 25mm (1 inch) and 1 x 20mm (¾ inch)outlet hose coupling comes standard. (outlet thread 32mm)
*Sucks down to 70mm starts at 145mm
*Liquid Temperature: 0-60 degrees
*Maximum Immersion Depth: 6M
*Maximum solids 5mm


* Made from quality ABS resin ensuring durability and a long life
* Comes with a professional control switch utilizing silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)
* Italian made mechanical seal and oil seal to ensure double waterproof protection
* Large carrying handle makes carrying easy.
* Sucks down to 70mm starts at 145mm
* 1 x 25mm (1 inch) and 1 x 20mm (¾ inch) outlet hose coupling comes standard. (outlet thread 32mm)

Motor Features 

* Single phase
* Closed externally ventilated
* Insulation class: B
* Protection class: IP68
* Duty: continuously rated
* With Motor Thermal Protector
* 1.2 amp


* Suitable for clean water, slightly soiled water, rain water and storm water (without particle- if prone to major debris we would suggest a mesh lining) 
* Ideal for de-flooding 
* Hose supplied is non UV stabilized, we can also supply solid PVC pipe if required.

2 Year Warranty

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