TREVOLI HWCP Compact Lifting Station

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TREVOLI HWCP Compact Lifting Station

The HWCP Macerator compact lifting station is ideally designed to suit home grey water (shower/bath, toilet, vanity). The unit is features a grinder pump with quality cutter design.


* Toilet or drainage piping installation
* Extraordinary cutter design with unclogging process
* Quick and ideal solution for the modification of a restroom, granny flat or house. 
* Can cut up things such as pads, condoms, toilet paper etc in pieces (no wet wipes) 
* Compact design with the great performance grinder pump for long distance delivery
* High hardness grinder set
* Built-in test button and water proof design
* Built-in test button can test the pump and force run when necessary
* Comes with a 3 pin plug for easy install 


* Max 10 meter head
* Max 125 Litres per minute
* 0.6 Horsepower
* 550 Watts
* 32mm-1¼ Inch

 LPM Flow @ Head 

1.5m 3m 4.5m 6m 7.5m 9m 10.5m
120 lpm 115 lpm 105 lpm 95 lpm 80 lpm  38 lpm 0 lpm

 HWCP Brochure

2 Year warranty 


  • Flow Rate (L/M) 120.00
  • Brand Trevoli
  • Motor Size (kW) 0.55
  • Maximum Head (M) 10.00
  • Maximum Suction lift (M) 0.00
  • Engine Power Output (hp) 0.60

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