Trevoli PC Auto Pump Controller Auto Restart Adjustable Cut in

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Trevoli PC Auto Pump Controller Auto Restart Adjustable Cut in


The PC Auto pump controller is used to automatically control the functioning of electric water pumps. It has an adjustable cut in function, auto restart and two built in working modes. The PC Auto can automatically adjust the starting pressure value according to the pressure in the pipeline and can monitor the pressure in the pipeline in real time. The higher the pipeline pressure is, the higher the starting pressure. Being an auto smart control, it greatly reduces the occurrence of faults. The manual setting of starting pressure value is adjustable between 0.5-3.5 bar & is simple in operation.


* Start-up pressure range: 0.5-6.0 bar (0.5-3.5 bar in normal mode, 0.5-6 bar in automatic mode)
Maximum power: 2.2kW
* Maximum working pressure : 10 bar
* Voltage: 220-240v
* Inlet/Outlet: 1"/25mm BSP thread


Automatic control of pump operation and shutdown.
Stop pumping automatically in case of water shortage.
* Will start automatically after power failure.
Manual mandatory startup.
Over-pressure protection, if the system pressure is more than 10 bar, the pump automatically stops the pump from working.
Water shortage self-start, the time interval of self-start is 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and then 1 hour cycle.
LED display

Technical Features:

* Maximum rated current: 16A 
* Frequency: 50Hz
Maximum ambient temperature: 40 degree C
Maximum Medium Temperature: 60 degrees C
Protection Level: IP65


* Domestic Household
* Submersible High Head Pumps
* Garden and light irrigation
* Tank to tank transfer


1 Year Warranty 

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