TREVOLI - S100 - Swimming Pool Pump - 550 watt - .75 HP

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TREVOLI - S100 - Swimming Pool Pump - 550 watt - .75 HP


The Trevoli “Silent-flow” Series Swimming Pool pump range are robust and powerful single speed pool pumps with several motor sizes, designed to suit a large range of pool sizes and applications. Robust, energy efficient and very quiet – the hallmarks of the Trevoli swimming pool pump range. The Trevoli “Silent-flow” Series range of swimming pool pumps are the perfect pool pump for all pool applications. With single speed models starting at .35hp and moving through the range up to 3hp, there is one to suit a normal residential pool or a semi-commercial or smaller public pool. 


* Motor 550W (0.75hp)
* Max Flowrate 310 L/min (18600 L/H)
* Max head 14.5M
* Barrell Unions supplied to suit std 48mm diameter Piping.
* Weight 12.0 KG
* Liquid operating range: 5 to 50 deg C


* Corrosion protected shell to prevent water directly contacting with motor
* Pump body and impellor in high fibre reinforced engineering plastic, motor shaft stainless steel, aluminium motor housing.
* Easy to remove and install filter cover
* Vibration resistant base for quiet operation
* IPX5 protection.
* Insulation class F
* CE Authentication
* Thermal overload protection
* Mechanical seal is ceramic stealite/ metalized carbon.
* Rated for continuous use
* Comes with large strainer basket and clear cover.
* Suitable for salt water pools
* Very quiet operation


* Suitable for pools 50-70,000L 
* Chlorinated pools
* Salt water pools

TREVOLI Silent-flow Swimming Pool Pump for pool volumes from 50,000l to 70,000l



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