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The pump is a light and compact high head submersible clean water automatic pressure system pump supplied wired and ready to install. The pump includes an electronic automatic restart, built in electronic pressure control designed to automatically start and stop the pump when water is used, float switch installed for run dry protection.

The Acquasaver Valve is a fully automatic mechanical rainwater/mains changeover device designed for a pressure pump supply system for harvesting rainwater for the toilet, laundry and household applications with automatic mains water backup. It’s suitable for two toilets, a washing machine and a tap. 

Recommendation:  A pressure tank extends pump life, stores energy, reduces noise, reduces pump starts and protects against heat expansion, see drop-down menu.



* Power: 1200 watts
* Max Head: 50 Metres
* Max Flow rate: 100lpm
* Voltage: 240v 
* Frequency: 50Hz
* Amps: 4.6
* Maximum submergence: 7m
* Outlet: 1"/25mm

Acquasaver Specifications:

* Max Mains Pressure 500 KPa recommended
* Max Pump Pressure 600 KPa
* Min Pump Pressure 300 KPa Recommended
* Recommended min-pump cut-in pressure 2 Bar
* Max Flow Rate 50 LPM
* Max water temperature 40° C
* Min Water Temperature 0° C*
* Pump Inlet 25mm 1” BSP F
* Mains Water Inlet 20mm 3/4” BSP
* Outlet 20mm 3/4” BSP
* Weight 0.85 Kg


* Household pressure systems
* Garden & Sprinklers
* Any clear water application requiring high pressure


* Built-in electronic pressure switch and flow sensor 2.2 bar start
* Equipped with dry-run protection
* Rated for Continuous use
* Built-in non return valve
* Easy to use
* High reliability
* Supplied with 10 m power cord

Technical Features: 

* IPX68
* Insulation class: F Power cable length: 15 m H07RNF Net weight: 12.0 kg Dimensions: 900H x 125W (mm)
* Liquid: Clean water temperature range: 0 – 35 °C
* Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °C
* Pump body 304 stainless steel
* Impeller, diffuser noryl glass reinforced
* Mechanical seal carbon/ceramic/nitrile


* Fully electronic pump controller for automatic pump starting, stopping and restart after power loss or water loss.
* Dry run protection to prevent pump damage.
* 2.2 bar cut in pressure.
* Corrosion resistant pump components to ensure durability.
* 230V single phase TEFC motor with built-in auto reset thermal overload to prevent the pump from overheating.

2 Year Warranty

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