TREVOLI - Whole House Water Filter and Under-bench De-Ionizing System

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TREVOLI - Whole House Water Filter and Under-bench De-Ionizing System 

How it works: 

Installing a Trevoli Whole Home Water Filtration system onto your mains gives you complete control over the purity of water from every tap in your home. This system uses a four-stage filter to remove impurities in your home’s water, including sediment, heavy metals and up to 98% of chlorine. The first stage in the filtration process removes sediment – improving the colour and clarity of your water. During the 2nd & 3rd stages of the filtration process the system uses a mix of granular activated carbon and a material known as KDF. The fourth stage is the underbench DI filter system for ultimate purity. This removes up to 98% of the chlorine that is added to your water when it’s treated, as well as chlorine by-products like trihalomethanes that occur as a result of that treatment process. This process also removes a wide range of heavy metals like lead, zinc, cadmium and mercury. Finally the Trevoli De-ionizer, produces softer water and reduces scale build-up. It not only ensures that water coming into your home feels soft and silky, but also customers say it amplifies the performance of soap, shampoo and detergents.

(Stainless mounting bracket available)


* Quality brass lined 1 inch inlet and outlet
* Max pressure 125psi


* 1 x 10" Jumbo Big Blue water filter Housing Kit
1 x 10" Standard water filter Housing Kit 
* 1 x 10" 20 micron poly pleated jumbo water filter
* 1 x 10" KDF/GAC purifier cartridge 
* 1 x 10" Standard 10 De-ionising cartridge (for underbench)
* 1 x mounting bracket (already assembled)
* Spanners 


*For ultimate purity on domestic houses on town supply
* Ideally installed by a plumber.

Additional Information:

Why do we need Water filters?

Spare Filtration Cartridges

Spare De-Ionising Cartridges


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