Trevoli WTC100-1 Single Speed Spa Pump

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Trevoli WTC100-1 Single Speed Spa Pump


The Trevoli WTC100-1 Series Spa Pool pump is a robust and powerful single speed centrifugal pump ideal for spas with 6-8 jets. Efficient and very quiet, the WTC100-1
Ideal for spa pools, swimming pools, spa baths & aquaculture. The pump body can also be rotated to allow easier installation.


*Motor 750W (1.0hp)
*Max Flowrate 460 L/min (27600 L/H)
*Max head 10M
*Inlet and Outlet diameter:40 mm
*Single Speed 


*Incorporated Air Switch
*Corrosion protected shell to prevent water directly contacting with motor
*Pump body and impeller in highly reinforced engineering grade plastic
*Stainless steel motor shaft
*Aluminium motor housing
*Fitted with high temperature bearings for a long service life
*Mechanical seal is ceramic stealite / metalized carbon
*Very quiet operation 

Technical Features: 

*3.8 Amps
*Speed: 2900 RPM
*Medium Temperature: 5-50°C
*Environmental Temperature: < 40°C
*Maximum Working Pressure: 0.3MPa
*IPX5 protection
*Insulation class F
*Rated for continuous use


*Spa Pool / Swimming Pool Pump suitable for 6-8 jets

Heater Option:

*Suits H20-R2
*Suits H30-R2


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