Grundfos UPA 15-90 N

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Grundfos UPA 15-90 N

The Grundfos UPA 15-90 N is a small stainless steel circulator pump designed for water pressure boosting in domestic properties to provide additional pressure to hot and cold water taps and similar outlet points.

The UPA 15-90 N is mainly for use in open vented systems, but may also be installed directly on the incoming water mains supply to feed a combination boiler, provided approval has been obtained from the local water company.


The UPA 15-90 N is a circulator booster pump with integral flow switch designed for pressure boosting of hot or cold water supplies in domestic properties. The pump provides additional pressure to taps and similar outlet points, where the required flow rate is up to 0.3 l/s. The operation of the pump can be selected by means of a three position switch, OFF, MANUAL and AUTO. In the AUTO position the pump is started and stopped by the integral flow switch. The flow switch is operated by a gravity flow of 2 l/min. The gravity flow at all fittings which require boosting should be checked to ensure that the pump will operate when the outlet fitting is opened. When the MANUAL position is selected the pump will run continuously. The pump should not be operated for long periods without flow through the pump. Minimal maintenance of the pump is required. Periodically the flow switch may need cleaning depending on operating conditions.


Power -120W 
Max Flow rate: 28 LPM
* Max discharge head: 9m Head
* Max Pressure: 12 PSI


* Automatic or manual operation
* Typically adds between 0.5 bar and 0.75 bar of pressure to the inlet pressure at the pump
* Low noise level
* The pump incorporates a flow switch which starts and stops the pump according to flow when a tap is opened or closed
* Pump can be set to ‘Manual’, ‘Automatic’ or ‘Off’
* The pump is supplied with a 1.5 metre flying lead for connection to a 3A fused switched spur.

Pumping Liquids: 

The UPA 15-90 N is suitable for the pumping of clean, thin, non-aggressive liquids not containing solid particles or fibres.

* Rain water
* Potable water
* Fresh water 

The pump must not be used for pumping of inflammable liquids such as diesel oil, petrol or similar liquids.

Technical Specifications: 

* Casing pressure: 6.0 bar. 
* Liquid temperature: 70°C. 
* Ambient temperature: 0°C to +45°C. 
* Relative Humidity: Maximum 95%.

To avoid cavitation noise and risk of damage to the pump bearings, a pressure of minimum inlet pressure of 1.5 m head (0.15 bar) is required at the pump during operation.



2 Year Back to Base Warranty 

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