Steriflo Replacement UV Lamps

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UV Lamps For Steriflo

Replacement UV lamps for Steriflo Systems.

We currently have only listed the most popular models that we service, however you can call us to request any models that you do not see here. 

Model Watts Length 
EGPH840N/S  40w 840mm UV40-20, UV75-25, C1, SF800/900/940 Genuine
L-843-40W-4E 40w 843mm SF800/900/940 Aftermarket
GPH900N 40w 920mm GPH900N, SF900 (Pre 1996)  Aftermarket
EGPH550N2/W 45w 550mm XL60, UV50, UV70, ASC50, ASC70 Genuine
L-550-55W-4W 55w 550mm XL60, UV50, UV70, ASC50, ASC70 Aftermarket
EGPH840N2/S  85w 840mm SF1000/SF2500 Genuine
LS-1000S  85w 850mm SF1000/SF2500 Aftermarket
EGPH369N/S 14w 285mm SF369/SF300 Genuine

*GHO843T5L (Same as LS-1000S)

*GFAR36T5/4/HO (F47-19 same as LS-1000S)

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