VersaMatic Porta-Matic - Battery-Powered Portable Submersible Pump

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VersaMatic Porta-Matic - Battery-Powered Portable Submersible Pump

Remove water quickly and easily with the Versamatic PortaPump. This centrifugal PortaPump is rugged, submersible and conveniently operates using any common 12-volt vehicle battery.

These dewatering pumps come equipped with 9 metre cables and battery clips or a two-pole connector (-APP). Additionally, these centrifugal pumps are portable and fit through openings as small as 250mm. They feature an external switch to turn on and off, and a screen to prevent large particle from entering the pump.


 Head (m) Litres Per Minute (LPM)
1.5 150
3 120
4.5 90
6 75

*Power: 1/3 HP
*Max Head: 6m
*Max Flow Rate: 163LPM
*Max Particle: 9mm
*Outlet: 1 & 1/2" (40mm)

Technical Features: 

*Weight: 15 kg
*30-amp draw, for an average of one hour of operation without restarting the engine (times may vary)
*Aluminum casing.
*Cast Iron impeller.


*Clean & Dirty Water

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