Zenit- Bluebox 250L Sewer Pump Station with Vortex Pump Options

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ZenitDG Bluebox 250L Sewer Pump Station with Vortex pump options

The BLUEBOXDG is an automatic pump station for collecting and lifting waste water. It can be stored below ground in a pit. The Bluebox can handle liquids such as raw sewage, trade waste, effluent and storm water. The Bluebox can work in conjunction with the Zen-DGBlue and Trevoli pumps. These pumps can be used with soiled biological waste waters and sewage. Suitable and reliable for domestic use and residential applications. 

The BLUEBOXDG Complete station allows for galvanised outlet pipework of 1½ inches and gaskets and includes installation accessories. 

Model Watts Hp Max Flow Rate (LPM) Max Head (m) Outlet (mm)
BCV-750A 750 1 575 10 50
Pentax DTR 101 1200 1.6 220 17 40
DG-BLUEP100 750 1 430 11.5 40
DG-BLUEP150 1100 1.5 600 12.3 50
DG-BLUEP200 1500 2 690 15.3 50

Three Phase Pumps Require Contactor and Overload


* Capacity 250 L
* 250 Litre Station Dimensions (mm) 660 x 900 x 500
* Number of pumps possible = 1
* Operation temperature 40°C (90°C short time)
* Please see drop down Box for pumps available models suitable for this station


* 250 litre version for one pump
* Can be installed directly coupled or with coupling device
* Walk-over cover
* O-ring seal between tank and cover
* Simplified intake pipeline installation with seal
* Airtight cable gland seals
* Integral lifting handle
* Fitted for emergency emptying using a tap or auxiliary pump
* Patented cable gland allowing easy pump removal for any maintenance work

(250 Litre chamber can be purchased with or without the pump)

For more information on pumps CLICK HERE

12 Months Warranty On chamber
24 months warranty on Pump * parts and labour

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