Zenit - DR Steel Series - Drainage Pump

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Drainage pump in 304SS, complete with twin mechanical seals in oil bath and through motor cooling which guarantees motor cooling even at low pumping levels. Strainer base can be converted to allow pumping down to 5mm for special applications.


* Max Head 13.6m to 16m
* Max flowrate: 150 lpm to 330lpm 
* Motor: 370w, 550w and 750w
* Free passage:10mm and 12mm
* Outlet size : 1¼"

Model Wattage Max Head Max Flow Max Solid Size
DRSTEEL37MA 370 13.6m 150lpm 10mm
DRSTEEL55MA 550 12.4m 300lpm 12mm
DRSTEEL75MA 750 16m 330lpm 12mm 

Technical Features: 

* Max operating Temp: 40 DegC (90 degC for 3min)
* Fluid PH: 6-14
* Max Immersion Depth: 10m
* Max start ups per hour:30
* Decibel:70 dB
* Fluid Viscosity: 1mm 2/s

Material Design: 

* Pump Body: Stainless steel AISI 304
* Handle: Polypropylene + 30% Glass Fibre
* Shaft: Stainless steel AISI 420
* 3 Seals: 2 x Double mechanical seal (SiC-Al) in oil sump with food grade Oil lubrication
* 1 with V-Ring in direct contact with the liquid.
* Impeller: Chrome-nickel steel AISI 304
* External Float lead
* Standard 3 Pin Plug


* Clean Water applications containing solids up to 12mm.
* Draining rooms
* Water transfer from tanks, ponds, streams and pits and for rainwater collection.

* Cooling system design with flow design & Top Discharge

Dimensions: H x W = 300mm x 170mm

Two Year Warranty.

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